We believe organising a children's birthday party can be just as stressful as Christmas, this is why Kingdom of Creatures takes all the stress out of the situation to provide 2 hours of nonstop entertainment for the birthday occasion. We offer a 2-hour package designed to entertain the family and make the birthday child the star of the show with our unique animal encounters show balloon art and party services. 

Kingdom of Creatures has done a tone of parties over the years and with over 10 years' experience as an entertainer, the excitement, thrill and excellent customer service doesn't stop there. We aim to deliver the best party you have ever had!  

What do you get when you book a Kingdom of Creatures Birthday Party?


- Exotic/Family Animal Show

- Animal Handling Encounters 

- Professional Balloon Modelling

- Party Games and Fun

- Party Prizes

- Photoshoot with our Fantastic Animals
- Balloon Show for The Birthday Child

- Birthday Card

- Parent Party Supply Checklist Pack



Kingdom of Creatures also has:

- Full PVG Check

- Full Electric Pat Tested Certificate 

- Full Paediatric First Aider

- Full Safeguard Certificate 

- Full Animal Performing Licence Act 1925

- Full Risk Assessment

Kingdom of Creatures aims to offer a professional service that doesn't cost the world, in fact we are one of the cheaper entertainers in Dumfries and Galloway, this is why out spectacular party package is the one to book today. 

***Please see table below for a breakdown of the cost***


Description / Breakdown Facts
Amount of animals we bring to a party We aim to bring up to 8 animals made up of Reptiles, Invertebrates and mamals.
Duration of the Party Package 120 Minutes (2 hours) **Allow 30 minutes prior to set up and later to pack down)
Cost of Party Package £200.00
Extra Charges £1 per mile from DG12 area to party location (this is charged just 1 way)
Extra Add Ons DJ Music and Lighting (£25.00)

Q&A - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if there is availability?

Please click the "Booking Enquiry Form - CLICK HERE" option. This will ask you for the date and some details. Kingdom of Creatures can then check their availability and get back to you ASAP.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, the deposit is £40. Please note a party is not secured if there is no deposit paid. A deposit for Kingdom Of Creatures is NON REFUNDABLE. 

How far does Kingdom of Creatures Cover?

Kingdom of Creatuers HQ are based in Annan, Dumfries. We can travel anywhere within 2.5 hours of DG12 post code. The total time of our animals being out of their habitats is 8 hours. This is to adhere to Legislation in Transporting Animals Act.

When do I need to pay the rest of the Party Fee?

The remaining balance of the party can be paid on the day in cash or transfer. Please discus with Kingdom of Creatures about payment as a payment plan can be discused prior to the booking.

Does Kingdom of Creatures provide food?

No. Kingdom of Creatures do NOT have a minimum of a Level 2 qualified for food handling and hygene. Therefore the responsiblity on providing food is down the to responsible adult organising the birthday party. 

What happens if I need to cancel the booking?

We understand if you have to cancel a booking due to child illness, breavement or any cirucmstances that result in you having to cancel the booking. Kingdom of Creatures are a family run business and always respect and appreciate the situation. 

However, if the party is cancelled, the £40 non-refundable deposit is lost. That said, an option to change the date of the party is always a great option.

How many children can I have at a party?

Kingdom of Creatures is a great big believer in the bigger the better. Our wonderful animals on our planet are super educational for children, the more children that can learn about these wonderful animals, the more joy and happiness in the animal kingdom there is.

Our highest record in attendance at a childs party is 53!

What type of venue do I need?

During the colder months between October - March, We need to perform indoors in tempratures higher that 15 Degrees. During the summer there will be an animal risk assessment carried out for outdoor performing.

The simple answer is as long as it warm, dry and electric supplied, its suitable.

Do you do home visits/home parties?

Yes. We have done home parties in the past, its a great way to keep costs down. However, giving the animals space to see and feel secure and the children to have room to run around is always a much better idea when booking a Birthday Party.