By reading these terms and conditions you are acknowledging that the below sentence(s) which are accurate an in accordance with Kingdom of Creatures.


  1. Personal Information

1.1 Data protection is serious offence if breached. All personal information is secure and kept on file for protection of other and Kingdom of Creatures.

1.2 All personal information such as address/ Post Code/ Name/ Contact Number and topic in discussion is to remain protected under Kingdom of Creatures.

1.3 All evidence and important information are kept on a secure file under a strict encrypted password.


  1. Payment Security

2.1All Payments are to be done through a secure network and representation of “PayPal” Please refer to PayPal for full listing on financial policy and their personal data protection.

2.2 All personal information received through Kingdom of Creatures is also to be kept in a secure Encrypted File under strict protection for the financial safety of the public.

2.3 All other personal Sensitive information is done through 3rd party company such as PayPal and does not accept any form of transaction. For further information on how we keep, and secure financial information please contact us via telephone of email.


  1. Pricing, Order forms, & Booking Forms

3.1 Kingdom of Creatures has independently evaluated the running cost of events and follows close reviews on the way we price the tickets and package pricing.

3.2 All prices are to be paid via a trusted online banking link. All transactions must be protected and kept secure, in which kingdom of creatures has a secure encrypted system.

3.3 All order forms will be extracted and used in accordance with the related topic.

3.4 Booking forms will also be kept secure and used in the relevant situation. We may use the booking form for marketing resources and reflection on responsible feedback.

3.5 Packages for Birthday Parties are limited to 20 CPS (Children Per Show) Under the age of 12. An additional £10 Per 5 Children extra Under the age of 12.

3.6 Packages for weddings or Christening are limited to 15 CPS (Children Per Show) Under the age of 12. An additional £15 Per 5 Children extra Under the age of 12.

3.7 Packages for Social & Sports Groups are limited to 20 CPS (Children Per Show) Under the age of 14. An Additional block of 5 can be included in the overall price.

3.8 Walkabout sessions with Shows included are up to a maximum of 20 Children in the "Grid" - Also known as the performing area. 


  1. Refund Policy

4.1 When you have received an email confirmation after purchasing a ticket for an event. You will have a 48-hour cooling period. This means you can receive a refund if cancelled within 48 hours. This must be within 48 hours of the receipt of purchase without any reason.

4.2 After the 48-hour cooling Period, ticket sales for local events are non-refundable. Alternatively, they can be used as a gift for someone else. As the ticket would be a reservation this cannot be reclaimed back into cash, Online banking, or any other means of financial exchange.

4.3 Package bookings will also have a cooling period, if you are booking in full then you have a 24-hours cooling period before cancelling and receiving the full refunded.

4.4 If a deposit of 20% has been paid for a package, you have a 24-hour cooling period also. However, if you decide to cancel after this time frame you are not eligible for a refund of the deposit.

4.5 If you pay the remaining 80% of the package, then you also have a 24-hour cooling period to cancel and receive the 80% back however you will lose the 20% deposit as loss of service.

4.6 If the cooling period has ended for the 20% deposit and 80% remaining balance and you decide to cancel, but after the cooling period. You will receive a refund of 70%. The 30% difference will be kept as loss of service and business.


If you wish to contact us for further information, please complete the ‘Contact Us’ form.


  1. Our Liability

5.1 We are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance, for all claims please report to Kingdom of Creatures where we have all reference numbers and contact information to hand.

5.2 Kingdom of Creatures is DBS/PVG Checked. We have this to ensure our safeguarding and child protection policy is accurate and safe.

5.3 If in the event there is claim or an injury Kingdom of Creatures is First Aid training and in regulation with the Health and Safety Procedure.

5.4 We are insured for Performing Animal License. All regulation on animal welfare and training is monitored and in accordance with Health and Safety.



For any other concerns you may have please contact Kingdom of Creatures via email address – Kingdomofcreatures@hotmail.com